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In the unfortunate event of losing your vehicle's title, there's a bright solution: a surety bond that grants you the same privileges as the original title. Commonly referred to as certificate of title bonds, lost title bonds, or defective title bonds, these bonds share a common purpose – to protect your interests. To obtain a bond title, all you need is a certificate of title bond, providing the assurance that funds are available to cover any potential damages and ensuring a smooth issuance of a bonded title. Lost title bonds also serve the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when there are discrepancies in ownership information. Additionally, they open doors to obtaining a brand-new title for your vehicle. The cost of a lost title bond depends on the bond amount and the principal's credit standing, with the DMV determining the bond amount based on the market value of the vehicle in question. Acquiring lost title bonds is a breeze, requiring a simple application process that yields prompt bond quotes. Experience the ease and efficiency of safeguarding your vehicle's title. Contact us today to embark on a worry-free journey toward securing your bond and reclaiming your title.

Do You Need a Lost Title Bond?

There are situations where verifying ownership using the title cannot be accomplished such as:
  • An individual buys a car but does not receive the title at the time of purchase.
  • An individual buys a car and receives the title but loses the title before the vehicle is transferred into his or her name.
  • A title is lost, stolen or deemed defective.

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